Evil Outfitters, Ltd. - K.C. Shaw Actual rating: 4.5 stars. Rounded up to five because it was fun.There is this kind of fantasy I really like but rarely run into. Since I'm unable to obtain magazines dedicated to the genre, I have no idea if it has a special name or if it's even defined. I like to call it "mundane magic". It's not exactly "urban fantasy" - indeed, it can be set in past times or equivalent thereof, like in this novel. Until this book, I've run into it almost exclusively in short stories and novellas; the only exception being perhaps Dirk Gently novels, though Adams can't help straying into science fiction even then, diminishing the effect. It's fantasy that doesn't deal with kingdoms and grand battles, lone antiheros in urban setting or monsters that lurk among us. It deals with everyday life in magical world. Wizards there don't sling spells in world-shattering battles, but make anti-thieving wards while employed by security firms. It's often meta-tastic. (Meta is another thing I really like.) So is this novel. Evil Outfitters is an establishment that makes villains look like villains we are used to in fiction. Their business goes beyond (black) clothes to horses and even fortresses. Protagonists of this novel are two tailors. (But yes, there are wizards too.)Wisely, author opts not to worldbuild in detail. It's vaguely 19th century England with a side of Dungeons&Dragons-like magic. The rest is for reader's own brain to fill in according to the tropes the clientele of Evil Outfitters is invoking.The only problem is the writing. I imagine most of the errors from ARC will disappear in the final version, but there are a couple of odd phrasings that might not. Just a warning for people particular about these things.I received a copy of this book through GoodReads First Reads.