Gauntlgrym - R.A. Salvatore The subtitle of this book should be: "How to squeeze the last drop out of Drizzt fanboys".Why, then, three stars? Because of awesome appearances from characters not really related to Drizzt's storyline. Definitely not because of Drizzt and Bruenor, who at this point are beyond any semblance of characterisation and merely go along whatever plot requires. Jarlaxle lost all appeal since he came to the surface; the great potential for character development got completely squandered in Sellswords. Ironically, he is better in short stories than any novel after [b:Starless Night|239102|Starless Night (Forgotten Realms Legacy of the Drow, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #8)|R.A. Salvatore||2221191]. This novel doesn't make things much better.Anyway, saving grace of this novel is one brotherly conversation between Gromph and Jarlaxle. Valas Hune and mention of Kimmuriel (Dammit, will there ever be a prominent psionic character somewhere in FR?) helped.But the more I think of the major downsides, the more keen I am to lower the rating.For Salvatore decided to follow with "Rape Is New Dead Parents" trope and then some. Our new female lead had both rape and dead parents happening. If you are one of those who thought Catti-brie a Mary Sue, when Dahlia appears you shall throw the book away and scream "Kill it with fire!" For she is jaded and angsty and has very tragic past which includes a dead baby (dead due to herself tossing it off the cliff in order to anger the rapist father) and sexy in an extremely exotic way and good enough fighter to be a match for Drizzt. She used to work for Red Wizards, but that's okay, love of a good ma- er, drow, will fix her.And then there is an implication of a retcon to end all retcons via discarding a whole trilogy of character development which, while far from stellar, seemed pretty final. But nooo. Guess who's back in black?