Runelight - Joanne Harris It got a bit whiplashy towards the ending but it's still leagues ahead of any YA I've read so far. (Except maybe [b:Seraphina|12394100|Seraphina (Seraphina, #1)|Rachel Hartman||17375239].)I don't know how I feel about these series. Normally, one would want author to continue. But would it be a good idea? What will be there to say, besides the resolving the problem of the baby? Will things simply come full circle again?Can the circle be broken? Can Whisperer truly be destroyed? Will whatever cosmic force that imposes it allow such a thing?Part of me that hates the idea of complete predestination would love it. But rational part of me is not sure how it could be executed plausibly without destroying the existence itself. The cowardly part of me does not want to see something that started out so well ruined. Yet another part does not want to see the mystique shattered.Will I ever know what I want?To clear up confusion a little: You know how after Ragnarok, new order is supposed to come up from the ruin? That's what's going on here. Again and again.ETA:Okay, forgot to mention, about "romantic" elements:There is an asshole boyfriend, but he is played straight. As in, no miraculous heel face turn.There is also an asshole husband who thinks of improving but is then like "nope, that's not me". Given the character, I have to agree.(Quotation marks because it's not that romantic, more like "relationships exist".)Yay cliche subversion.I also forgot legit strong female characters.(As in, "strong, female characters", not "strong female, characters".)Why aren't these books more popular?