Runemarks  - Joanne Harris I made one big pause while reading, so my thoughts are not 100% coherent; I also don't have time for a detailed review right now. I'll just say what made me decide on five rather than four.-YA WITH FEMALE PROTAGONIST BUT NO ROMANCE. (No, no potential love interests introduced either.)-Despite target audience, it is much less Bleached Underpants than many other interpretations of Norse Mythology. Also, no Black&White here.-The recommendation mentioned "shenanigans", but it's not as much about shenanigans as deception. Layers upon layers of it. It is clear enough not to cause a headache or blink-or-miss-it, but the hints drop just before the reveal so you don't have to spend pages rolling your eyes and wishing the character would get it already. -Also, it featured one my favourite kind of plot twist which I cannot name because it is a major spoiler and I really don't want to spoil anything here.