A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis - Jillian Stone The writing in this one felt a bit weaker than in "An Affair With Mr. Kennedy". Granted, I read Affair in one sitting, late at night, and as an ebook. I read Liaison on train, in early morning and afternoon just after work, with brain working at full power. It's possible I simply overlooked some things the first time. Flowery writing is usual in the genre, but sometimes the phrases get really awkward.If I didn't decide on it as "train read", I would have probably inhaled the whole book the moment I opened it at home. Not sure what makes Stone's writing so adictive. I peeked at the beginning and had to force myself to put it down.I suspect it might be the pacing. It is great, and it shines in this novel, packed with much more action than Affair. Even the usual pace-killer, sex, is paced well. Maybe even better than in Affair. Here, we are teased until something concrete happens. And then again. And scenes are shorter and less elaborate than in Affair. They are still graphic, though, so beware.As for the accuracy - the author admits some of the "gadgets" might be advanced. But they are mentioned as "experimental", so it's a bit more acceptable. Besides, with all the machinery and chase, this novel kind of felt like steampunkish James Bond. I'd like to disclaim I haven't read any of Fleming's novels yet, but I watched all re-runs of movies up to the end of Brosnan era on TV religiously. Except detective Lewis is a bit more constant in his affections. So I didn't mind.My main problem with the plot lies in the past events. I'm not sure if the reason for the separation of the two had to be that complicated. That whole part is full of holes. At first, the other woman seems as nothing more than a prop. That really annoyed me. After that, he states he loved her in a way, but it seems it was there because it fit the occasion. Also, he came to confess he married another, and then all she does is flash a bit of a decolletage and he jumps her like a horny dog? My point, they could have just been childhood friends, with him going away for other reasons. It was a bit too muddled, contrived and unnecessary.Hm. Well, next up will probably be Flynn...though I'm curious to see if Finn will get a book of his own too. ETA: Oh, it's Finn. To the TBR!ETA2: Forgot to mention two things this series have going for them if you can ignore a couple of cliches and purple prose:a) NO DUKES.b) Men are nowhere near forceful as usual. Unless they are villains.