The Detective and The Woman: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes - Amy  Thomas First book ever to lose me at a quote:"Irene was different. If Watson was a pipe and slippers before a warm fire, she was a Nor’easter, an American storm that blew wherever it chose and sent everything in its path head-over-heels. With surprise, Holmes realised that he felt deep anger, rage against a dead man. No person had the right to lock up something so wild."What made me stop was the mention of Nor'easter. Why on earth would Holmes think about US meteorology? Wouldn't it be unnecessary knowledge?And then I read the summary and things went downhill.Even without that, on the second reading, this one passage is as OOC as it can get.I usually avoid published Sherlock Holmes fanfiction, but even if I ever decide to try it, I'm not touching this one. This "review" is just a reminder to myself.