The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson Problems I had with this book:1) It felt unevenly paced. It's been a while since I picked up a thriller, but I do remember that tension is usually running throughout the whole book. Here, beginning and end felt dragged-out. The last few chapters felt very anticlimatic.2) Details. To the point of borderline product placement. Why is it important to know what brand of water Blomkvist drank and specs of Salander's computer? One, it's awkward for non-Swedish readers, who are unfamiliar with over half of the brands. Two, it dates the book. That brand-new Macbook is laughable now.The book is brutal, which is old news; however, it's not naturalistic. We are shown just enough to cause unpleasant feelings, but not too much. This is not a piece of pornoviolence, this is a book written with purpose: to remind people of the problem of violence over women that often gets unreported or ignored. It does what it's set out to do well, pulling no punches yet staying tasteful. It's not comfortable by any means, but neither did I get the vibe that author is writing out his sick fantasy.The part I liked the best was when Salander dismisses Freudian Excuses. In short, I liked the subject matter but I didn't like the writing. It lacked just a little become a five-star favourite for me. But that's purely personal preference and maybe you'll like this better.