Eternal Hearts - Lucy Taylor, John Bolton This book is usually presented as erotic. It's not. Some might find it tittilating, but it's mostly gore. And no, not "erotic-blood-sucking" vampire porn-gore. We're talking decapitated corpses and mutilation here. Sascha Vykos on the cover should be telling enough.That said, it's not nearly as explicit as one might anticipate. Illustrations are way more suggestive than most of the text. (And Lucita's fanboys rejoiced.) The first chapter is quite shocking, but it mostly mellows down soon after. Mellows down by WoD standards, that is.However, beneath all the gorefest, for some reason this novel felt better written than the norm for WW novels. Not sure why. Maybe it's pacing. Maybe it's the way elements slowly fit together, with a lot of twists and revelations that come gradually (even though they are hinted from the start). If you can stomach Tzimisce-level depravity, it's an entertaining read and even has not-entirely-unhappy ending.