30-Day Book Challenge: Day 6 - A Book That Makes You Sad

The Idiot -

Unlike the previous entry, there are many contenders here. And while there are several stories that made me cry, I decided to go with one that throws me into a more profound low mood.


Few, if any but me, put The Idiot as their favourite Dostoyevsky or their favourite Russian novel, much less their favourite book. But I met this book in a significant period of changes, unpleasant revelations and shattered illusions. You'd think it would have made things worse, but it didn't. It said: "Yes, the world is a terrible place. So terrible, a veritable living saint - a man that nearly all faiths and value systems tell us a man should be like - is seen as mentally deficient just for being good." Instead of pushing me even lower, it made me come to peace with the facts.


And then I read the afterword that had a part from Dostoyevsky's letter or note (I can't recall) that said that the plan was for Myshkin to change the people around him for the better, but as he wrote the book he realised that is completely implausible.What is more grief-inducing than the reality not letting the author write a happy ending?