Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)

Dark Lover  - J.R. Ward It might have been two going on three if author didn't bring her father back from the death after said death served the purpose of bringing the two together. That really broke the limits of mindless wish-fulfillment tolerance.Anyway, as I remarked in comments, there is potential here. Without romance, this could have been a nitty-gritty if slightly cheesy urban fantasy. But I hated everything about the romance plot. The female MC was so bland. If you told me pick one character-defining trait, I couldn't. "She nodded, wondering why couldn't she have been named Mary. Or Sue."No need to tack the label, dear, you are one.I know of that the use of the term is frowned upon by some, but in this case there is nothing else to define her as. She is perfect at everything. Does no wrong. Has everything served to her on a silver platter. All in-group conflicts are easily resolved.I understand this methodology: give us a blank canvas so the reader can insert herself easily. Still, most erotic-heavy novels I've read lately had female MCs with a bit more character, even if it's merely a cliche rebellious spitfire. This one isn't even that. She just stands there and lets herself be carried away by plot. I had high hopes when she defended herself against potential rape but in hindsight it happened just so we could get introduced to minor antagonist and have more reason to hate him that him simply being on the wrong side. Also, it helped set up Butch. Then she sees Wrath lurking around and for the first time, she bolts away, and even that serves to push the subplot rather than set her up as someone who will not comply easily. Because the second time Wrath comes and they meet face-to-face, she just gives in and lets him have his way with her.Oh, and then there is another pet peeve of mine: insta-lust-means-true-soulmates.The other female characters aren't much better. And of course they fail the Bechedel test.So yes. Potential. Which I know better that to think will ever be realised because it clashes with the purpose these books were written for. Still, I'm curious what kind of plot contrivance will it take for Zsadist of all people to get tru wuv, so I might keep reading.