Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day Two to two and a half. Would have been a solid three if author wrapped it up in one book.It was an interesting read. But conflicts got a bit too soap-operaish. Granted, the drama is somewhat justified seeing how both participants are deeply traumatised, but it was still over-the-top sometimes.Regarding similarities with Fifty Shades: no more than similarities between Twilight and Dead Until Dark. Though it's my opinion only. Author and publisher obviously have no problem with this book being seen as the successor of Fifty Shades, so I won't say it's not right to compare.In fact, I'll make a few comparisons: first, this book is vastly better written. Sex scenes have purple prose as usual, but nowhere as narmy as Fifty Shades. There is no BDSM, though dominant/submissive play is mentioned. It's not written as a fanfic. Not only fanfic of Fifty, a fanfic period. I've read enough of those to recognise the style. Fifty has it. So does City of Bones. Even Twilight, to a degree. But not this book. It's a plain romance/erotica, even though it did end on a bit of a cliffhanger - but this trend has unfortunately invaded recent literature in general.The further the novel went on, less and less similar it seemed. There is enough, though, to suggest a possibility that the author did read this and pick up a few things from it. Still not any more derivative than Dungeons&Dragons is of Tolkien. I'm not sure if I'll pick up the sequel though. I think it'll be pretty predicatable and soap-operaish. We will probably get more blast from the past and other plot devices to stretch the plot to fit into a trilogy. I am a bit intrigued by the psychological aspect though and a little curious to see how it will be handled. Maybe I'll try to get one through a giveaway or pick up/borrow an used copy.