Stormdancer - Jay Kristoff

At first, I was cautiously interested in this. The buzz did sway me for a moment, but abysmally low budget at the time prevented me from preordering. I was very glad things turned out that way when reports of language use came out.


I was still occasionally toying with the idea of making an intellectual exercise in which I would try to read this book while ignoring the orientalism and tey to judge the story as story outside of the problematic setting.


And then, today, this quote registered on my radar and everything ground to a halt.


"The lotus must bloom".


And so I drank of Water of Google and looked into places unseen before and saw that yes, it is so, and doesn't stop there.


See, I can try to ignore gross misuse and I can try to ignore blatant lifts, but I cannot do both at the same time. So I'm definitely giving up.