Beauty's Punishment (Sleeping Beauty Series #2)

Beauty's Punishment - A.N. Roquelaure, Anne Rice Review of the first book.WARNING: A bit more graphic discussion here.And here, things go downhill.You know how you complain about grimdark and how everybody in it is a rapist?Well, you are whining. There are at least a handful of characters that aren't involved in deviant sexual practices in almost every grimdark book.Not so in Beauty's world.It's a world of perverts out there, from children to elderly, that gleefully join in public torture and humiliation of the slaves.I know it's not that "unrealistic". People gathered to watch public executions in the real world. However, I believe that there were people out there that did not enjoy it. While it's theoretically possible there is someone like that here, we aren't shown it. Here, even the slaves take part in exploitation of other slaves and don't have second thoughts at all - despite angsting about how unfairly they are treated themselves not a chapter ago.You can deal with the idea of perverted nobility indulging in elaborate games - but can you deal with entire town of commoners being just as twisted? And they weren't directly involved in this strange mockery of fostering where young princes and princesses are being taken as sex slaves for a while, then released eventually to rule and take slaves of their own.Here, punishments expand to the public humiliation and what would be gang-rape in any other setting. But don't worry, there is still enough spanking and paddling to go on. Oh, and having dildo stuffed up your anus for days on end seems to be on the way to become another "classic" too.