The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty #1) by Anne Rice (A.N. Roquelaure)

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - Anne Rice, A.N. Roquelaure

So you heard somewhere that Anne Rice wrote some kinky porn ages ago and want to try it for whatever reasons?




You might have had it recommended to you because you enjoyed Fifty Shades.




If Fifty is BDSM watered down, Beauty is concentrated so thickly it's painful to consume.



I have no idea who might like this. Hard BDSM is not my thing, but I think this is pushing limits of even people who are into it. Because it's all really nonconsensual. The cycle of abuse has been going on long enough everybody sees it as an acceptable thing, but it isn't. In some ways, this is a good example of how slave conditioning/Stockholm works. But the fact that author does not make it clear that it's actually not okay makes this a very uncomfortable experience. There is some sort of resentment from slaves, but it seems to be there more as a token and something to move the plot along. The resentment doesn't really carry to their masters or even the punishment, just...station? I don't know. It's that weak. Like I said, it seems like it exists merely so that something would happen.


Scenes that are actually sexy can be counted on one's fingers; most of the time they go on too long or get too technical or even philosophical to be titillating. After a while, they even get repetitive. (Yes, there really is that much spanking.)


There was potential here, but it's squandered. Characters are actually interesting and so is the world and if the presentation was at least slightly different this might have been a vastly better book. Granted, the beginning is in the line with that old version of Sleeping Beauty, but it derails quickly from there.


Unless Story of O or de Sade are your thing, you really should skip this one.