Wonder Woman, Vol.1: Blood (The New 52)

Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood - Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Tony Akins

One of the worst retcons ever.


Say hello to reducing the unique concept to yet another of Zeus' bastard children. And the queen of Amazons into yet another conquest. Yay.


Not even Circe the Straw Feminist back in the day left as bitter a taste in my mouth as this did.


I don't care that it's a "reboot". I don't care that she still kicks ass. They took away the very foundation of the character. And once again, it's all about men. And no, this is not "rabid feminist nitpicky rage", the character was created to be a pro-active influence on young girls. There is none of that here. She is not the proud daughter of Themyscira anymore, she is just another in the line of Zeus' "little indiscretions". DCU Amazons are retconned into evil man-haters who sell their male babies into slavery - oh yes, their origin is rebooted too - but when Wonder Woman tries to free her until-then unknown "brothers", she is rebuked, because their "enslaver" has been kind to them. Yes, let's school the ignorant man-hater.


Excuse me, I have to vomit.