Burning Up Flint (Cyborg Seduction #1) by Laurann Dohner

Burning up Flint - Laurann Dohner

Inspired by a recent discussion, I went to seek out some robo-romance. After all, I've always had strange machine fetish. It should be right up my alley, right?


Well, the natural step is to check out the series that top all the robot/cyborg/android-related lists. I mean, first all the books in it, than the rest. On every single one. Therefore, it must be at least somewhat good, even if it's EC. Right? Right?





And so I complained about The Iron Duke.


And so I complained about Fifty Shades. Several times.


And so I complained about Reaper's Property.


Oh how naive I was.



We open with our heroine almost being "mercy-killed" so she wouldn't get gang-raped/cut into pieces by their potential captors. She doesn't take it well, points to her. Thankfully, it turns out to be a steaming pile of lies, and the attackers are not really the bad guys. Cliched, but solid. And then...the leader decides, in a split-second, that he wants her. He promptly drags her off to his ship. Then he brings her to her cabin and orders her to strip. Then to lay down on the bed. When she protests, he forces her to lay down and keep still. Since she sees no point in struggling, and knows there is no way to overpower massive part-machine, she decides to obey for the moment. Then he ties her down and rapes her. There is no way consent in here is dubious. At all. He penetrates her, even as she begs him not to because it might hurt her. But wait.She enjoys it.No, that wasn't our villain. That was our hero.(Okay, I get that noncon is a thing for some. But couldn't you at least put a label on it?)

(show spoiler)


I didn't think there was need to read much further. Only the fact that it was stationed on an expensive piece of technology prevented it from flying straight through the closed window. Okay, cold weather outside helped too.


Maybe I'll revisit it someday when I feel more like ripping it apart. Maybe. Not likely.


Well, at least the popularity of this debunks that ancient yet somehow still oft-perpetrated prejudice that men only care about getting plug A into slot B while ladies care more about romance than getting down and dirty. Nope, it appears ladies love reading about paste-yourself-here avatars getting roggered with little care for consent or diseases. Yay empowerment?