A Private Duel with Agent Gunn (Gentlemen of Scotland Yard #3) by Jillian Stone

A Private Duel with Agent Gunn - Jillian Stone

Why oh why must every series go downhill eventually?


I sort of wish the author wrote straight-out adventure novels. Becase while in other books so far sex felt more-or-less fitting, here it really sounded shoehorned in. It got in the way of plot, I daresay. I'd even go as far to say some parts of the characterisation were muddled in order to get them doing the deed ASAP. It's almost as if though author was under a contract to insert a certain number of scenes at certain intervals.


Here, there is also a spin toward (well, a tease really) very, very lite BDSM. But the bigger problem was the very cavalier handling of

attempted rape. The fact that out "romantic" lead tied her up just after that was uncomfortable enough, but then he opened his mouth. At that point, I was forever turned off him. The very existence of this plot point is another problem - I wish she wasn't treated as damsel in distress twice in a row - even if she does something later. I wish this could have been a sizzling battle of wits among equals, consummated at the end.

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I don't think this turn towards a darker character worked out well. Can we go back to our usual gentlemen?