30-Day Book Challenge: Day 2 - A Book That You'Ve Read More Than 3 Times

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

Throughout my early teens, I used to reread The Lord of the Rings three times a year.


What can I say? Timeline-wise, I should belong to Potter generation. But upon the completion of The Hobbit, my goal was to obtain the follow-up ASAP. So I was scouring the stalls for Tolkien and Hesse (some combination) and skipped that book with silly cartoony cover and back blurb that talked about some magic school. It looked so...for kids.


I'm sorry, but I REGRET NOTHING.


Ever ran into something that seems made just for you? That's what The Lord of the Rings seems like to me.


(Actually, my favourite Tolkien book is The Silmarillion, but I rarely reread it cover-to-cover. Overall count goes to LotR.)