My new reading challenge: David Bowie's 100 must-read list

No, I don't expect to like every book on it. But the whole point of challenges like this, in my opinion, is to go outside one's comfort zone and try something new.


The list has quite a few perks:


1) Many 20th century books

2) A lot of nonfiction

3) Less than 10% of books I already read/was planning to read anyway

4) No entries I object to reading/finishing, unlike more famous lists. The closest one was In Cold Blood, but might as well read it for reference. I do not find it offensive on the level of Memoirs of a Geisha.


Rules: Barely any. No, there will be no time limit. With magazines, I will try to get at least one issue/annual/omnibus, but I can hardly read all that there is.


If you are interested, but it looks intimidating, maybe set a certain number of books? ("I'll read 20 from the list", etc.)


I used the list from this article, but it is a bit unclear. I started with the one here, but a part of the list is missing. If it helps any, there is my "Bowie's 100" shelf. Questions are welcome.